Blossom Lakes, Pear Lake Trail #522 Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate

If you continue past the summit of the road for Revette Lake, just ¼ of a mile down hill into Montana, on the right (south) you will see the parking area for these lakes. The trail is obvious and is about 3 miles to the first Blossom Lake. Upper Blossom Lake is another ¾ of a mile up hill. Past Upper Blossom Lake is Pear Lake. All of these lakes are nestled below large cliffs, and offer great photo ops. Past Pear Lake is a trail that you can access (turn right north) to walk the ridge line back to Revette Lake and down to the car. To get to Blossom Lakes & Pear Lake, drive from CDA heading east on I-90 to the Kingston Exit. Turn left (north) over the freeway, and continue up the CDA River to Pritchard. At Pritchard turn right (East) and follow the road to the top of Thompson Pass. Just over the pass about ¼ of a mile on your right (south) is the parking area, and trailhead.

Cool things to see: historic aqua trench, fall colors, cliffs, mountain summit and scenic drive to get to trailhead.

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