St. Joe River to Avery to St. Regis, Mt to Thompson Falls to CDA Long & Beautiful

In the old days (when I was a teenager), the drive of choice was the St. Joe River to St. Regis, Mt. It was 100% paved in those days, but since it is not as common a drive any more, the section from the Idaho-Montana boarder to St. Regis is a good dirt road. Driving up the Shadowy St. Joe on Forest Hwy 50 to Avery which is a truly special area to visit. The area is rich in history from the mining and logging days of old. In 1910 the largest forest fire ever in the US, ripped through this whole area, whipping out towns and whole forests in it's wake. After visiting Avery, continue on FH50 until FH50 turns left (north) off the river and heads for Gold Summit and the Idaho-Montana boarder. The drive to St, Regis is about 30 miles on a good dirt road. At St. Regis, head east on Hwy 135 to a junction with Hwy 200 south of Paradise. Turn left (north) on Hwy 200 to Plains and Thompson Falls. Just north of Thompson Falls is the road over Thompson Pass and on to Murray and Pritchard. At Pritchard turn left (south) on the CDA River road to I-90 and back to CDA. Although this is an all day trip, it is worth the effort just to see this unique area.

Cool things to see: Everything.