CDA to Old Town to Boundary Dam Long & Beautiful

This drive consists of several different roads to make up the day long photo op and a very pleasurable day. Head north from CDA to Hwy #41 near Rathdrum. Head north through Spirit Lake and on to Blanchard and Old Town, next to Newport. Turn left (west) onto Hwy 2 for two blocks, then turn right (north) up Hwy 20 to through Usk, Tiger and Ione. Look for a rest stop in Ione that has a waterfall close to it. Come south on Hwy 20 to the Sullivan Lake Road and turn east to the lake. Stop by Noisy Creek Campground on the south end of the lake for a swim. At the north end of the lake is the Sullivan Lake Campground and Airstrip. Head back to Hwy 20 and Metaline. Look for a left (west) turn to Boundary Dam between Metaline and Metaline Falls. This road to the dam is one of the best for fall colors. Be sure to go to Crawford State Park, Gardner Caves during the summer for an underground adventure just north from the dam site.
Cool things to see: Everything.