Bonnie Lake Year Round Flat Water

Although Bonnie Lake is located in the Washington Scablands, it is a unique paddle. The paddle starts on Rock Creek for about the first ½ a mile. During low flow the creek isn't deep enough to paddle. Soon the creek breaks out into the southern end of the lake. You will already have notice the abundance of birds, especially the Red Headed Blackbirds. As the lake widens, before you lies an island that houses the only public area to camp. Find a place to get out and walk the island. Some of the rock formations on the island are pretty cool. Also while on the island, notice the very large birds floating on the thermals overhead. These are Turkey Vultures. Although they are ugly, they soar like few other bird. Continue north on the lake to the far end which is about 5.5 miles. Along the way are cliffs with Sparrow nest built up under the rock's roofs. Some of the canyon walls are hundreds feet tall along the lake.
To get to Bonnie Lake, drive west on I-90 to Cheney. Near the west end of the main street in Cheney, look for the Cheney-Plaza road. Just over 17 miles turn left (east) onto Belsby Road. In about 4 miles the road drops into a canyon with a ranch, then up the opposite side. About a mile further the road crosses Rock Creek. The put-in and out is located on the southwest side of the bridge.
If you haven't noticed you are in the middle of nearly nowhere. Well there is an oasis on the return trip.
As you drive back through Cheney, look for Lenny's Italian Restaurant on the main street. It is truly the best Italian restaurant in our region.

Cool things to see: Natural arches, island, Turkey Vultures, rocks, cliffs, lake and birds.