Dry Falls Year Round Easy

Over a period of thousands of years, the area from Clark Fork, Idaho, via Sandpoint, Spokane, Ritzville and on to the Pacific Ocean, endure a series of tremendous floods that devastated the land. The Washington Scablands are a product of those events. The last flood some 12,000 years ago, produced a wall of water, ice and rocks rushing to the ocean at 55 mph and over 1000 feet deep. When Dry Falls was an actual waterfall, it was 5 miles across and 400 feet tall. In comparison, Niagara Falls is just a trickle. The overlook for the Dry Falls area shows the huge plunge-pool that was once the falls. Be sure to visit the Visitors Center to learn more about this unique area.
To get to Dry Falls, drive west on Hwy #2 through Coulee City to Hwy #17 to the south. Dry Falls is just down the road on the left. As you approach Dry Falls, notice the cool rock house on the right. This is a Rangers house for the parks. Continue SW of Hwy #17 to Sun Lakes State Park to access the plunge pool area or more hikes.

Cool things to see: the Visitors Center, what was the world's largest waterfall, plunge-pools, lakes, cliffs, good hiking trails and a look back into our past.