Northrup Canyon Year Round Moderate

Carved deep into the scablands is Northrup Canyon. The hike is gentle all the way to Northrup Lake some 3 miles up canyon. Near the beginning of the hike, look on your left for a field of old rusted tin cans from the days when the area house hundred of dam workers. The cook house was up hill from the pill. At about 1 mile you come to an old homestead that the BLM uses to grow grain for their horses and where the horses are kept sometimes. The old house behind the newer one is quit photogenic. The trail continues up past the old house, where it climbs to a higher part of the canyon. From here the terrain becomes more treed and has great rock formations to hike through. At about 2 miles the trail bears right up to the lake. Once at the lake, jump up on the ridge above it for views back down the canyon. As you walk through the canyon, look above the canyon walls for Golden Eagles gracefully gliding on the thermals.
To get to these areas, drive west on Hwy 2 to Coulee City's junction with Hwy #155. At the junction turn right (north) up Hwy 155 for about 16 miles to Steamboat Rock. From Steamboat Rock, continue up Hwy 155 for about 1.5 miles and look for the Northrup Canyon sign to the trailhead.

Cool things to see: Tin cans galore, cliffs, old structures, lake, Golden Eagles, canyons and wildflowers.

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