CDA to Naples to Kootenai Wildlife Refuge

The drive up 95 to Sandpoint then Naples has several photo ops along the way, like the Valley View barn and the buffalo that are seen often to the NE of the Valley Barn across 95. From Naples to Kootenai W.R. has many more options for photos. This road wonders through the valley west of Naples and Bonner's Ferry.
As you drive up the Frontage Road #417, stop on all bridges for views up and down the streams. Caribou, Snow Creek, and Myrtle Creek are the best. Just past Snow Creek bridge turn left (west) up Snow Creek Road #402 for 1.1 miles to the Snow Creek Falls parking area. This is an easy 15 minute walk to each waterfall. I believe that these are the best waterfalls in our area. A must not miss side trip. Once back on the road, stop at the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge for a short walk up to the viewpoint for Myrtle Falls. Myrtle Falls drop through a tight gorge about 100 feet in front of you, as seen from the viewpoint. Stop by the KWR Headquarters for info on their many attractions. The KWR is a stop over for many species of migrating birds as well as an extremely colorful place to shoot. Drive up #417 to the end of the Refuge to see it all. There are several walks within the Refuge and even a driving tour.
To get to Naples, drive north on 95, 21 miles past Sandpoint and take a left (west) turn off of 95. Drive down through town and continue north on this road past Deep Creek Campground about 2 miles and make a sharp left (west) turn for about ¾ of a mile to a sharp right (north) turn onto Road #417. Road #417 is the frontage road along the east side of the American Selkirks.

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