Escure Ranch and Towell Falls Year Round Moderately Easy

Waterfalls in the desert? Yes there are, and ones worth hiking to. Escure Ranch is a BLM property that belonged to a cattle and sheep rancher in the scablands. The hike starts out near the old ranch, which is interesting to take a moment and look at the old structures. This original owner knew how to build all of his buildings to last. Demolition is the only thing taking them down this century. The hike follows an old road for most of the way out, where a trail leads over to the falls. When you get close to the falls, you have to cross a creek to get onto the island where the falls are best shot. The big falls are located on the SW end of the island. The banks are rather overgrown, so you have to fight your way to an area to shoot the falls. The upper falls are easy to shoot because they are in the open and fall from ground level down. There are two other small falls, but there flow is reliant on creek flow levels. In the early summer or after a large rain event, the wildflowers are quit spectacular on the trail in. The mesas along the trial remind you of an old western movie location.
To get to Escure Ranch drive west on I-90, take the exit for SR 23 and go south 8 miles, through Sprague,and turn right on Lamont Road. In about 2.5 miles Lamont Road bends left and turns into Revere Road; 8 miles after the turn, go right on Jordan-Knott Road, then another 2 miles until you reach Rock Creek Management Area and sign, another right turn. This sign does not indicate Escure Ranch. Drive until you reach a parking area near the ranch houses.

Cool things to see: Stout buildings, scenic river walk, two great falls, wildflowers, wildlife, mesas, cliffs and rocks.

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