Palouse Falls Year Round Easy

Palouse Falls are the largest waterfalls in our area, at 185 feet. From the overlook, the falls and it's huge plunge-pool and the “castles” are all within view. When you are at the parking area, look to the NW near the outhouses. There is a trail that leads over to and above the falls and up stream to the upper falls. Hike this trail all the way east to the railroad tracks and follow the trail down to the upper falls. From the upper falls, walk along the river down stream to the “castles” and the Palouse Falls. Good views are had from here, but beware, there are no restraints, and a wrong move can be fatal. There is however, lots of area to hang out above the falls. Young children should be watched closely.
To get to the falls, head west on I-90 to Ritzville. At Ritzville take Hwy # 261 south past Washtucna, for 6 miles to the left (east still 261) and another 9 miles to the Palouse Falls Road. The falls are 2.5 miles down this road. Google kayaker on Palouse Falls, and watch a kayaker drop 185 feet and survive.

Cool things to see: Largest and tallest waterfall in our region, upper falls, fall colors, cliffs, the Castles and a scenic river canyon.

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