Granite Lake Trail #136 Spring-Summer-Fall Difficult

The hardest part of the Granite Lake hike is the water logged forest in the spring and the three creek crossing. Just about the time you are crossing Granite Creek you will notice Granite Falls up stream. Take a minute to walk up to it and enjoy the sights and sound. The trail is 6 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1400 vertical feet. Be sure to get to the lake first if you are camping so you can claim the only campsite on the lake. Other campsite exist along Granite Creek. In June the high walls above the lake, release the captured snow-pack and creates 50 waterfalls of 100 feet or more. It is extremely difficult to get to the falls, so just kick back and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds from the lake.
To get to the trailhead, drive ½ a mile past Libby to Shaugnessy Hill Road that takes off Hwy 2 behind a gas station. At the top of the hill go south almost ½ a mile to a sharp, easy to miss turn onto Flower Creek Road #128. After 1 mile turn east onto FR #618 and follow it for 8 miles to the trailhead.

Cool things to see: Waterfalls, lake, towering peaks, the only Glacier in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, wildflowers and scenic creek.