St. Paul Lake Trail #646 Late Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate

The hike to St. Paul Lake is like walking through a fairy-tail forest to Grandma's Lake. The hike is only 4 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1600 vertical feet. The trail follows East Fork Bull River most of the way to the lake. Early in the season, take sandals and ski poles in case the creek is full. About half way up, the forest becomes enchanted, and gnomes and elves appear in the woods kinda.
The lake itself is a small round pond in a basin below the east face of St Paul Peak. While you are there be sure to visit the many waterfalls above the lake. In the late spring and early summer there are 20 or so falls. There are no “trails”, but all are relatively easy to get to.
To get to the trailhead, drive east from Sandpoint on Hwy 200 into Montana, and turn left (north) up Hwy 56 for 6 miles and turn right onto Road #407. This turnoff is also the road to the Historical Bull River Ranger Station.

Cool things to see: Scenic trail, lots of waterfalls and towering St. Paul Peak.

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