Hub Lake

Lower Access Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate
The other access to Ward & Eagle Peaks is up from the bottom via the lakes. The difficulty of the trail is moderate to Hub Lake Trail # 262 & 280 with an elevation gain of 1720 vertical feet in 3 miles. Along the way, is the very impressive Dipper Falls. At 60 feet it contains hundreds of smaller falls (in low runoff) within it's drop. Hence, it's name Dipper Falls. Each new fall looks like a water ladle that drops to the next ladle. On this trail you only come close to Hazel, but much closer to Hub Lake. If you are very energetic, there is a trail above Hub Lake that switch-backs relentlessly to the saddle between the two peaks. Once at the saddle, turn right (north) and go up to Eagle Peak, or left (south) to Ward Peak.
To access this lower trail, drive east on I-90 past DeBorgia to Exit #26. Drive south on Ward Creek Rd. #889 about 6.5 miles to the marked trailhead. When you come back to the freeway, you have to head east to exit #27 to turn around.

Cool things to see: Dipper Falls, huge trees, 5 lakes, 2 summits, fall colors, rocks, cliffs, island and scenic trail.

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