Ward & Eagle Peaks Trail #250

Upper Access Spring-Summer-Fall Easy
There are two access points for Ward & Eagle Peaks and the 5 lakes that surround them. The upper route to the peaks is only a 1 mile hike to Ward Peak, while the hike over to Eagle Peak is about 1 mile from the summit of Ward Peak. The 5 lakes are best seen from Ward Peak and it's ridge. Once at the trailhead, head north up the trail to the top. For a more scenic hike, as the trail makes it's first sharp left turn, go bushwackin' straight up to the ridge line. Once on the ridge, turn left (west) and walk the ridge to the top. Along the way are great views of the Unnamed Double Lake, Square Lake, Hub Lake, Hazel Lake and Mary Lakes. There is a route (no trail) down to Mary Lake and it's large island, and over to the Unnamed Double Lake. This route is rough and difficult for some, but allows wonderful view of the lakes at lake level. Once done at Ward Peak, head west to the trail junction and turn right (north). The trail heads down to the saddle above Hub Lake, and continues up to Eagle Peak. Be sure to visit the summit of Eagle Peak for the views back across at Ward Peak and it's rugged face.
To access the peaks, drive east on I-90 to St. Regis, Mt. and turn left (north) over the freeway, then left (west) past the the gas station and restaurant. Go west for about ½ a mile to Little Joe Creek Road that crosses back over the freeway and heads south. Drive about two miles and bear right onto the North Fork Little Joe Road # 282. This road is the old road from St. Regis to Avery. Just past the Idaho-Montana boarder, look for Road # 391 to the right. Drive up #391 for 5 miles, going to the south face of Ward Peak. If the trailhead sign is down, keep an eye out for the trail off to the right (north) side of the road quit high on the mountain. Don't be confused by the hunters camping area along the lower part of the ridge for parking. This area has great fall colors in October and early November.

Cool things to see: Fall colors, rocks, cliffs, summit views, 5 lakes and scenic drive to.