American Falls up through an Ancient cedar forest Trail #308 Summer-Fall Easy

Although this is not a real single track trail, it was a road once, and now it is a wide trail with many wood passage ways to protect the sensitive wet areas. The trail is about 8.1 miles long and only gains six hundred feet of elevation along its route. This trail should be done on the hottest day of the year. Any other time of year be sure to dress appropriately As you work your way up the trail through the cedars, notice how nice and cool the ride is. There are trees down across the trail that are 5 to 6 feet tall and are probably a thousand years old including there decaying years. The forest is so lush and quiet, you will love it. At the Northern end of the trail is American Falls or sometimes called Upper Priest River Falls. This falls drops about 50 feet into a wide plunge-pool, which you can swim in. As you approach the falls, notice the Orange Peel Fungi near the trail to the right. This part of the trail is part of the 1200 mile long Idaho Centennial Trail. To get to this trailhead, drive past Priest River, Id on Road # 57 to Nordman. From Nordman follow Road # 302 for 14 miles to Granite Pass and the junction with Road # 1013. Follow road #1013 for 11.3 miles to a signed trailhead parking area on the west side of the road.

Cool things to see: Waterfall, ancient cedar forest, stream, wildflowers and wildlife.