Long Canyon Summer-Fall Very Difficult

For those of you who like down and long, Long Canyon is a ride not to be missed. This single track trail goes through the largest drainage in Idaho that has never been logged. When you ride it you will know why. There are 53 switchbacks from Pyramid Pass to the flat lands some miles below. After reaching the the flat lands (not really flat, just not as steep), and for the entire ride you cruise through some spectacular forests, with Doug Firs, Cedars and other huge trees all along the trail. Long Canyon Creek follows most of the trail, which is 32 miles long. Be sure to take lots of water, food, snacks, tools & tubes and clothing for all kinds of weather. Also take a break every so often to rest the butt and the arms. This is a long hard trail, but worth every bit of effort. It might be wise to leave a car at the bottom. To get to this bottom trailhead, drive further north on #417 to the lower Long Canyon Trailhead, about 14 miles north of the Trout Creek Road. To get to the Pyramid Lake trailhead, drive to Bonner's Ferry and take Riverside Street on the south side of the Kootenai River over to FR#417. Bear right and stop at the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge for a short walk to view Myrtle Falls. Head north on #417 past the Refuge for about 9 miles to the Trout Creek Road #634. Turn left (west) and drive for 9 miles to the trailhead. From the trailhead, ride / push your bike up trail #13 to a junction and bear right to Pyramid Pass. From here it is a scream for many miles, all downhill on a single track trail. What I have done in the past, that seems to work well, is to sleep at the Pyramid Lake trailhead, and get up early for the climb and zoom down. If you try to drive to the trailhead in the morning you will run out of sun light.

Cool things to see: Incredible forest, rocks, cliffs, stream, ancient trees and a scenic trail.