Boulder Creek Basin Year Round Difficult

Boulder Creek is the very best in our area because of it's terrain and lack of avalanche dangers.
This trailhead is accessed from Exit #68 in Mullan. Once off the freeway, continue on this road until you come to Copper Street. Turn right (south) under the freeway and zig zag to the left up to the cemetery entrance. Park here and head south up the road for about 2.5 miles. If you hike this valley in the summer, cross the creek and follow the road up to the ridge on the right (west).
As you come to a clearing, work your way up and to the left (south) and follow the slope to the top of the ridge. From the ridge top the ski to the summit is about a mile, and offers great snow scenes. If you are skiing, once you access the basin, you will be in tress and may not realize you're in a basin. Inch left and up until you break out of the trees, onto incredible open slopes. Skin up to the ridge top and choose your line of descent from there. Happy Yo-Yoing.
There is a small lake in the upper right corner near the top of the ridge, that is a nice destination in any season. There is an avalanche across the road about 1.5 miles in by an old mine opening. Because you can see the point of origin above you, you can hurry across the avalanche run out zone. Usually it is not a hazard. The only other slope that moves is to your back right (NW) below the ridge to the top. This area slides because of it's steepness. There is so much great skiing in the rest of the bowl, there is no reason to go back there.

Cool things to see: Pillows of powder snow, stream, large basin, lake and the best backcountry or XC skiing.