Harrison Lake Trail #217 Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate

Harrison Lake is located at the upper end of the Pack River Road. The USFS tells me they have repaired the upper bridge washout from 2007. Once at the trailhead, the hike is 2.5 moderate miles to the lake. During the hike, the view of Harrison Peak high above you is great. The trail is on a lot of polished granite rock, so watch for rock cairns used as trail markers. If you are interested in a bigger workout, head around the left (south) side of the lake up near the monster scree slopes. Look at the ridge line above the lake on the crest and scramble to the second lowest point on the ridge. From there, the hike out to 3 of the Seven Sisters is all on a pretty good trail. The third Sister has so much lichen on the south side (following the ridge) you cannot get down it without technical gear. If you wish to continue the ridge, head back to the start of the third peak and drop down below the peak and traverse to the north side of the 4th peak and climb it to access the rest of the Sisters. Some of them may be dicey to get up or down, so be careful. An option is to hike the valley below the peaks over to Little Harrison Lake. Little Harrison Lake is the most beautiful lake (along with Leigh Lake-CMW) in our region. The near vertical hike over the ridge to Beehive Lakes is steep but do-able. Once at Beehive Lakes, head down the trail (7 miles) back to the Pack River Road, then one mile up to the Harrison Lake trailhead. This round trip is 15 miles of pure beauty and adventure. Be overly prepared for all circumstances if you do this loop.

To get to the Harrison Lake trailhead, drive north on 95 to Samuel. At Samuel turn left (west) up the Pack River Road all the way to the end of the road.

Cool things to see: Scenic trail, towering peaks, rocks, cliffs, wildflowers, nice forest trail and views of the Selkirk Crest

Harrison Lake via Myrtle Creek Trail #6 Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate to Lake-Very Difficult to Ridge

There is an approach from the north via Myrtle Creek drainage, that is a good alternative.
Head north on I-95 to Bonner's Ferry. Just before the bridge over Kootenai River, turn left (west) onto Riverside Street. Continue west to FR#417 then bear right (north) to the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge . Drive 1.3 miles past the refuge to Myrtle Creek Road # 633. Drive 14 miles to Road 2409 (Upper Myrtle Creek) then another 1.5 miles to the trailhead. Trail #6 starts on an old road bed and junctions with trail #217 after 3miles. Be sure to remember this junction for the return trip. Head up trail #217 for about 3/4 a mile to the lake. Once at the lake, hike the west side up past the lake to the scree slope above the lake. If you want to access the ridge which is the Selkirk Crest, rock hop to the second lowest point on the ridge. It is the easiest way to the top of the ridge and beyond. The views are incredible from here.
A loop hike to Harrison Peak (north) and a trail, will take you back to trail #6. Also from the ridge above the lake, you can bag three of the Seven Sisters of the Selkirk Crest to the south.

Cool things to see: Scenic trail, towering peaks, rocks, cliffs, wildflowers nice forest trail.