Burton Peak Trail #9 Spring-Summer-Fall Moderate

Burton Peak sits on a rib jetting out east from the eastern Selkirk Crest. Along the way to the trailhead,
look for a pull off on one of the sharp curves. Stop for a minute and admire the intense greens of the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge below. Before you lies the Purcell Trench and the Kootenai River Valley. Once at the trailhead, head northwest up the ridge for 2.6 miles and 1725 vertical feet, to the first of three peaks. The first peak has an old lookout cabin on it that is very photogenic. The second peak is the highest and offers the best views down at the Purcell Trench and the Kootenai River Valley. To get out of the winds for lunch, drop down the north side 10 feet for lunch.

To get to the trailhead, drive to Bonner's Ferry, and turn left (west) onto Riverside Street on the south side of the Kootenai River. Head west until you have to bear right near the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge on FR#417. Stop at the HQ and take a short walk to the viewpoint for Myrtle Falls. Continue up FR#417 past the refuge for 1.3 miles to the Myrtle Creek Road # 633. Turn left on 633 for 2 miles to a junction with Road #2411. Turn right and drive 6.3 miles to a fork and bear left onto FR#2692. Follow FR#2692 for 1.5 miles to the trailhead.

Cool things to see: Ridge hike, wildflowers, mountain grasses, views of the Kootenai River valley, Kootenai Wildlife Refuge, views of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness & the American Selkirks and an old dilapidated lookout cabin on one of the three summits.

All photographs are copyrighted by Chic Burge and are not to be copied.