Pyramid & Ball Lakes Trail #43 Spring-Summer-Fall Moderately Easy

Pyramid and Ball Lakes sit high on the eastern Selkirk Crest, and is a very easy hike. The trail wonders through a thick forest for 1.25 miles and 800 vertical feet to Pyramid Lake. There is an easy trail around the lake for those who fish or do photography. From the base of the lake there is a trail on the left (south) side of the lake that takes you up the ridge on the left to Upper Ball Lake. When you are at the lake and you look at the ridge, don't panic, it is an easy hike to the top of the ridge. The scenery and the views along the hike up are spectacular. Once on the top of the ridge, consider a side hike up to the high peak above Pyramid Lake. There isn't an official trail to the top, but the views are some of the best and easiest to get to. From the top, the views across the Pack River drainage to the western Selkirk Crest and all it's peaks of the Seven Sisters are some of my favorite. From the top just head down to Upper Ball Lake. If you don't go to the top, continue along the trail to Upper Ball Lake. Upper Ball Lake sits in a scree slope of broken white granite. And is only about one mile past Pyramid Lake.

To get to this trailhead, drive to Bonner's Ferry and take Riverside Street on the south side of the Kootenai River over to FR#417. Bear right and stop at the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge HQ for a short walk to view Myrtle Falls. Head north on #417 past the Refuge for about 9 miles to the Trout Creek Road #634. Turn left (west) and drive for 9 miles to the trailhead.

Cool things to see: 2 pretty lakes, rocks, cliffs, scenic trail above Pyramid Lake, towering peaks, wildflowers, fall colors and a nice forest trail.

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