Roman Nose Lakes Trail #165 in American Selkirks Spring-Summer-Fall Easy to Moderate

These lakes are so easy to get to, it's amazing. You drive to the first lake which is wheelchair accessible. The lower lake sits in a basin with high walls to the west and incredible views all the way around. There is a “scenic trail” above the lake that is about 1 mile round trip, for those who don't want to venture outback. However, the trail to the second and third lakes are pretty easy. The trail wonders through the woods and around some pretty impressive rock formations. As you come around the trail to the upper lakes you look across at a large waterfall (late spring-early summer) below the second lake that is about 50 feet tall. The trail to the second lake drops down a few hundred vertical feet, while the trail to the upper lake is only a few hundred feet above it. The upper lake sits below the impressive Roman Nose Peak.

To get to the trailhead, drive north on 95 to Bonner's Ferry. Just before the bridge across the Kootenai River is a street called Riverside. Turn left (west) and continue on this street over the hill and along the farmland to an intersection with Road #417. This road bears right, but you want to turn left (south) and drive down FR#417 to FR#402 Snow Creek Road and turn right (west). FR#402 is just before the bridge and cuts back to the right sharply. 1.1 mies up this road you will find a parking area for Snow Creek Falls. Take the short walk out to these falls and be amazed. They are the best waterfalls in our area. There are three drops, but only two are accessible. Don't bother going to these falls to do photography early in the spring though. The spray is so intense, you can't keep your camera dry. After getting back to the car, continue 8 miles on FR#402 to a Y, bear left onto Road #1007. Follow this road for 7.5 miles to Road #2667, and turn right (west) for 1.5 miles to the parking area.

There are excellent campsites scattered southeast from the lake for longer stays.

Cool things to see: Drive to first lake, cliffs, rocks, fall colors, intermittent waterfall, cool summit & views, wheel chair accessible, wildflowers, scenic drive to, and Whisker Ridge.

All photographs are copyrighted by Chic Burge and are not to be copied.