Maiden Rock Boat Camp Trail #321

As a side trip or destination in itself, head down hill from the same trailhead as Blacktail Mountain #117 to Maiden Rock. The trail is about 2 miles down to the lake along side an intermittent creek. The beach is about 1000 feet long and is made up of flat skipping' rocks. The Rock, located on the north end of the beach, sticks out into the water about one hundred feet, and up about 300 feet. Maiden Rock is a really good climbing and diving rock, with good snorkeling possibilities.

To get to the trailhead, drive north on 95 to Cocolalla Lake and look for Blacktail Road off to the east, near the south end of the lake. Turn up Blacktail Road until it makes a sharp right turn. At this turn, head east (or straight) onto Butler Creek Road to the trailhead.