Lone Lake Trail # 138 Year Round Moderately difficult

From the parking area head up the logging road next to the humungous boulder on the right (west) side of Willow Creek. The road zig zags up for about ½ a mile. Because the logging operation did so much destruction at the start, every year I go in and tag the trail with pink ribbon. The trail runs up an obliterated road to an opening just below the trail through the forest. From here it is pretty straight forward to the lake. About 1 mile in you come to a large opening with a nice waterfall just off the trail.
In the old days, the trail went straight up past this waterfall. The new trail now snakes off to the right and switchbacks several times before the lake. Along this trail, look back at the magnificent waterfall cascading over about 800 feet of the rock face below the lake. Like Stevens Lakes, there are several campsites scattered amongst the north shores trees. As you look out across the lake you will notice a very nice waterfall near the far end of the lake, and the most dynamic face of Stevens Peak. After a short stay to take in the views, head around the right (west) side of the lake to that waterfall mentioned before. To the left of the waterfall is a poorly marked trail to the upper sanctuary. Fight your way up into this basin and be rewarded with the beauty of the upper sanctuary. Up past the “Upper Lake” you will see two large knobs. Head up to the top of one of them for lunch and photography. The wildflowers and seasonal colors are some of the best. For those who are energetic, there is a faint trail to the right (west) to the ridge top, or if you are in need of more exercise, head up to the left (east) to the ridge top. From there you can access the top of Stevens Peak along the ridge or drop over into Stevens Lakes basin and the trail out will take you back to your car.
Cool things to see: 800 foot cascading waterfall-plus 2 more, spring greens, fall colors, upper sanctuary, most dynamic face of Stevens Peak and wildflowers.

To get to the Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes or Lone Lake trailheads, see below
Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes are located 2.5 & 3 miles south of Mullan, Idaho. To get to the trailhead, drive east on I-90 to Exit #69. Turn left back over the freeway to the stop sign. Turn right (east) and drive to the Y and bear right. This road will take you back over the freeway on the Willow Creek Overpass in about a mile. From here the road becomes dirt and leads to the trailhead about 2 miles south. Once at the parking area, you have a choice of which trail to hike. On the left (east) side of the creek is the trail to Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes, and on the right (west) side is the trail to Lone Lake.

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