Upper and Lower Stevens Lakes Trail # 165 Year Round Moderate to Difficult

The hike starts on an old mining road which has been logged recently. Stevens Lakes trail is on the east side of Willow Creek. About ½ a mile up this road you will find the trail through the trees. The trail switchbacks up to the headwall at about 1.5 miles. There is a nice waterfall here just before the last push up the headwall to the lower lake. About ¾ of the way up the headwall are several taller falls worth photographing. The lower lake is only 5 minutes from these falls. As the lake comes into view, you will notice several campsites along the north shore, and the north face of Stevens Peak in the background. The trail to the upper lake skirts the right (west) side of the lake and sits about .5 miles above the lower. The wildflowers are everywhere along this very wet part of the trail. Notice the cliffs off to the east of the upper lake, and the face of Stevens Peak
Both these lakes are excellent destinations for spring and fall photography. Some of the best fall colors are seen at the upper lake. The hike is 3 miles and gains about 1800 vertical feet, and is rated as a moderately difficult hike due to elevation gain.
Cool things to see: 3 waterfalls, wildflowers, ridge hike, peak summit, spring greens, fall colors and incredible views.

To get to the Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes or Lone Lake trailheads, see below
Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes are located 2.5 & 3 miles south of Mullan, Idaho. To get to the trailhead, drive east on I-90 to Exit #69. Turn left back over the freeway to the stop sign. Turn right (east) and drive to the Y and bear right. This road will take you back over the freeway on the Willow Creek Overpass in about a mile. From here the road becomes dirt and leads to the trailhead about 2 miles south. Once at the parking area, you have a choice of which trail to hike. On the left (east) side of the creek is the trail to Upper & Lower Stevens Lakes, and on the right (west) side is the trail to Lone Lake.

Special notice-there has been car vandalism over the years at all of Stevens Peaks trailheads. Do not leave any valuables or equipment in your car at any trailhead anywhere.

Stevens Lakes & Peak have the best fall colors of anywhere in our region. In late September to mid October, the colors are at there height, and should not be missed.

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