The Camera Corral wants to educate our customers as well as selling them good quality photographic hardware. We find that helping you find the best solution to your photographic needs is the best way to sell a camera. The following is a sample of some of the questions we are asked every day by our customers and the answers we give.

Is there a difference between standard speed memory cards and high speed cards?
High speed memory cards use parts that reduce the time it takes to read and write images to the memory chips. If you have a Digital SLR camera, its more powerful computer chip can write to the card faster. This allows the camera to take more images without slowing down to wait for the card. In the digital point and shoot cameras the internal computer chip can't transfer images to the memory card as fast, so a high speed memory card will only help a little.

How do I organize and keep my photos on a computer?
It’s so easy to shoot with a digital camera that users forget to stop and save their images. Many memory cards hold 200 or more images, its easy to forget. By having a lot of images and different events on your memory card, you run the risk of accidentally deleting the picture of a lifetime.

When you shoot an event like a birthday or your family vacation, you need to get into the habit of downloading those images to your computer as soon as possible. If you have a Mac this is easy because iPhoto allows you to set up a new album for each event. On Windows you navigate to the My Pictures folder and in that folder make a new folder named for your event. Download those images into this event folder. For safety's sake you should make a CD backup of these event images and put it into a PrintFile page for safe keeping.

Can images be recovered from a formatted memory card?
We have purchased special software that can find images on a memory card that have been deleted. When you delete an image only its directory listing is erased not the image. If you don't store anymore images on the card, we have a good chance of finding your deleted pictures.

Are digital cameras easier to use than film cameras?
In order to properly use any camera, a good knowledge of apertures, shutter speed, and exposure is needed. With digital cameras tighter control of exposure is needed because too much exposure burns out the highlights in your image. Your image detail disappears in the overexposed area. Digital cameras have more advanced exposure systems and white balance systems than film cameras, so it’s easier to get good images. Since digital give instant feedback you can quickly make a better exposure to correct your mistake. Many people believe that since digital images can be put into Photoshop they can be repaired. Remember that saying “Garbage in ... Garbage out”? It applies to digital images also.

Do the images from digital cameras look better than images from a film camera?
Over the years in photography, many new films and technologies have been touted as better than the old. After a few years most users realize that the newer items are just different, but not necessarily better than the old.

Images from a digital camera are different from film, just as Velvia is different from Fujicolor, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. Typically digital images have their own color balance compared to film and when made with an 8.0 megapixel sensor in a DSLR are as sharp as film. With new digital cameras having up to 36 million pixel sensors, the resolution of digital now exceeds film. Where the differences with digital come into play is that you see the image instantly. This gives you the chance to shoot another exposure with different settings or keep the image you have. With film you generally shoot a whole series of images, not knowing that you have a good one.

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