New iPhoto Plugin

We recently released a new iPhoto plugin that allows Mac users to quickly and easily upload and order images saved in their iPhoto accounts. Uploading photos from iPhoto to LifePics online photo accounts has always been a bit more tedious than uploading from other sources, but with this new plugin, it is incredibly easy. Users can log into their account through the plugin, or create a new account to upload to. Once the upload completes, the plugin automatically opens your site for the user to order the photos.
To use the plugin, Download the LifePics Uploader for iPhoto. This plugin only works with iPhoto 10. Then, double click the file and follow the installation instructions. Open iPhoto on your Mac and select the photos you want to upload to your online account. Choose from the top menu: "File," "Export," "LifePics Uploader," and then click the "export" button. Voila! Your photos will be uploaded to your account. The plugin was developed by third party developers via our OPEN program, and is the latest integration launched through that program. Other recent announcements include our Windows Phone 7 ordering app, new versions of our iPhone and iPad ordering apps, our Facebook ordering app, and a number of others. We will also soon be announcing a second iPhone app and an Android ordering app, plus a number of other integrations and partnerships with various photo software or websites. Stay tuned!
iphoto1 iphoto3
Image Upload Emails
We now send short and friendly emails to customers after they upload images from one of our apps or software integrations to their accounts. The emails simply remind customers that the images were uploaded via the specific app or other method, and encourage them to order prints or use the images on another creative product like a photo book or gift.
Consider setting up a promo to entice these customers to order the recently uploaded images, such as free prints, dollars off, or a percentage off. Also, as a reminder, our new promotion engine capabilities allows you to set up specific promotions, such as a certain percentage off if the order is equal or more than a certain dollar amount, free shipping, or discounted products when other products are ordered.